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STC-VP Power Clamps


BTM STC-VP clamps are rugged and reliable. These clamps have been tested to 5 million cycles and are capable of accomodating large weight at the end of the clamp arm while maintaining a fast cycle rate.

BTM STC-VP clamps are among the strongest and most accurate clamps on the market today. These clamps offer extremely precise position and repeatability due to the patented Tri-Lok mechanism- a three point lock which remains locked even if air pressure is lost. The VP series of clamps are designed to be an economical power clamp solution, and are based on BTM's highly successful STC line of power clamps.

  • 52mm - 62mm - 82mm (2" - 2.5" - 3.25") Bore Sizes.
  • Standard NAAMS Mounting.
  • Self-pumping Slide Rod Lubrication
  • Top & Bottom Porting.
  • Sealed Mechanism ~ Lubricated For Life Of Clamp.
  • TRI-LOK Mechanism ~ Use As A Clamp Or Back Up
  • Integral Oval Bore Cylinder With Heavy Wall.
  • Pin Arm Drive ~ Quick Change & Versatile Positioning.
  • Hardcoated Aluminum Body.
  • Access to Manually Unlock Clamp Linkage.
  • Status Controller ~ Single Connector Switch Package.


    STC-VP Photos

    stc_vp_clamps_big stc_app1 stc_app2


    BTM STC power clamps have the following exclusive features:

    • One piece body and cylinder construction
    • Tri-Lok mechanism for exceptional repeatability of the closed arm position
    • Pin drive hub - one clamp allows RH, LH, or Dual Arms
    • Stackable - up to 3 clamps

    Choose a Feature for Additional Information:

    triloksm trilok_pinarmsm status_controllersm
    Tri-Lok Mechanism Pin Arm Hub Switch Option


    STC VP Clamp Specifications

    STC52 VP STC62 VP STC82 VP
    Bore Ø 52mm [2"] 62mm [2.5"] 82mm [3.25"]
    Approx. Weight 3.8 kg [8.4 lbs] 5.7 kg [12.6 lbs] 13.6 kg [30 lbs]
    Arm Opening 120° MAX. 120° MAX. 120° MAX.




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